Traffic Signs & Signals

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals in Temple City are owned by the City and maintained by the County of Los Angeles under contract with the City.

To report a traffic signal issue during regular business hours, please call 626-285-7187. On evenings and weekends, please call the Temple Sheriff's Station at 626-285-7171.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs in Temple City, including STOP signs, street name signs, information signs, and warning signs are owned and maintained by the City. To report a missing or damaged sign, please call 626-285-7187.

Temple City has adopted a new street name sign design featuring the City logo. This design is being used to replace missing and damaged street signs around the City. All street name signs will eventually be replaced with reflective signs meeting current sign standards. However due to funding limitations, there is no schedule for replacement of existing street signs at this time.

Used street name signs that have been removed from service are available for purchase for $15. For more information, please contact Ashley Avery in the Community Development Department at 626-285-2171 ext. 4316.