Community Development

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Permits Issued for New Façade at 9441-9451 Las Tunas Drive

On February 1, the Community Development Department issued permits for a new façade for the shopping center at 9441-9451 Las Tunas Drive.  The new façade has been eagerly awaited ever since the original façade collapsed in May of 2022.  


December, 2022 Monthly Report 

The Community Development Department has released its monthly report for December 2022. Building permit valuation in December was significantly less (an 88% decrease) than December 2021. This was due to the issuance of permits for the 73 unit mixed-use project at 5570 Rosemead Blvd in December 2021. The year-to-date numbers for permit valuation were also lower, but the disparity was not as significant (a 30% decrease). Fees collected in December 2022 were 67% lower than fees collected in December 2021, also due to the mixed use project. The year-to-date numbers were much smaller, with only a 10% decrease.

The number of permits issued in December of this year was 43% higher than the previous December and the year-to-date numbers saw a modest increase of 20%. The City’s building inspectors were very busy last month with over 116 permits finaled- that was 55% higher than the previous year. The significant permits issued in December included 6 accessory dwelling units (ADUs), two new single-family dwellings, and tenant improvements for a new restaurant.

Planning received 11 new applications in December 2022. There were 6 new ADU applications, 4 minor site plan reviews for house additions, and a major site plan review to construct two 2-story single-family dwellings on an R-2 zoned lot.

No business licenses were issued in December.

Community Preservation continued to be very active in December 2022. The number of cases opened in December 2022 were nearly identical as December 2021. However, the year-to-date numbers were 56% higher than the previous year. In December 2022, 65% of the cases were initiated by the inspector, rather than the public.