City Commissions

The City Council appoints various commissions to support the City Council in the policymaking and decision making processes.  Section 1100 of the City Charter states that the City Council may, by ordinance, create a commission or board as the City Council finds is required to assist in the performance of any City function.  Commissions make decisions and provide recommendations to the City Council for issues within each commission's purview.

Commission Facts

Membership: Commissions are composed of Temple City residents appointed by the City Council.  With the exception of the Public Arts Commission, all commission  members must be Temple City residents and qualified electors (i.e. registered voters).  Per Temple City Municipal Code Section 2-6C-12, Public Arts Commission members may be Temple City residents or business owners.

Term: Commission members serve two-year terms and may be reappointed.  There is no limit on the number of times a member may be reappointed. 

Can members serve on other commissions? No, a commission member cannot serve concurrently on another commission.  However they may serve on a committee.

Can elected officials serve? No, elected officials cannot serve on a commission while they are in office.

Compensation: Commission members are not compensated for their service.