Streetlight Poles Replacement

Steel street light poles are on average 50 years old. The poles in Temple City have well exceeded their normal service lives of 35 years. Southern California Edison will be working to replace old, worn-out steel streetlight poles with new, concrete poles and light fixtures.

Construction personnel may be working in your neighborhood to safely remove and replace the streetlight poles on your block and re-energize the electric lines. You should not lose power because of the work we do.

The replacement occurs in three stages.

  1. A concrete foundation will be poured for the new pole.  Efforts will be made to avoid hardscaped areas.  The concrete will cure for approximately 7 hours before the new pole is set.  
  2. Concrete poles will be secured to the new foundation.  The light fixture will be added within 2 days.  On average, the replacement will take 3 days.  
  3. The old steel pole and wires will be removed. Barricades will be removed.  Final clean-up will occur.  Underground utilities will be steam cleaned.

Any customer concerns/inquiries prior, during, or after the work is done, please contact Randall Williams at (714) 973-5564.  

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